November 13, 2010

Welcome to real life...

I have been learning that real life is much harder than I thought. Dang, what a let down. It seems like for every 1 fantastic thing that happens, 300,000,000 annoying things happen. For example, Stan go an internship with an attorney on Thursday (so exciting!) and then right after my computer took it's last breath. I swear, my days lately are so up-and-down it's going to drive me mad! It's a good thing that Stan is there to soften the blows because I just might loose my mind one of these days.
So after complaining, it makes me realize that there is so much fantastic in my life. Stan go an internship, we got day-of tickets to Harry Potter 7 from NUSKIN, some kid in my group at school that never does any work insisted that he do the group test on his own (not fair, but such a relief for me!), our Christmas tree is cute, Stan got a new sweet phone and I got the boots I have been coveting for forever and best of all, WE HAVE CENTRAL HEATING IN OUR HOUSE!
Life is good in our neck of the woods.

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