October 16, 2010

Hello Nature... have we met?

So between Stan and I either being at work or school, we have tried to fit in a little fun here and there. We went on a hike to dog lake and doughnut falls a few weeks ago and had a blast. I have never been much of a "hard work in the outdoors" kinda girl, but I think I've figured out that if I don't have to sleep in the wild, I'm fine! I'm not sayin' nature and I will ever be B.F.F.'s, but we are slowly becoming acquaintances.

Just a few days ago Stan and I went with our friends Branson and Shelly to the Nickle-Cade. Who knew that Vegas carpet, pet store smell and cheap gifts could be so much fun! Our favorite had to be the Deal-Or-No-Deal game. It was so stressful and we were only playing for tickets! Unfortunately that game took 8 nickels and not one of us won more than 20 tickets. At least we weren't playing for money! Stan and I will be visiting the Nickle-Cade again soon. Such a fun date for only $7.99. We are still fighting over the yo-yo squishy ball that we bought with our tickets...