September 9, 2010

We made it!

It's been a year since we were married and we haven't killed each other yet! I count that as a major success. Stan and I have had such a fun first year with lots of adventures and LOTS of moving! I was thinking the other day about how much we actually moved... 3 times in one year... I hope year two offers a little more stability. We've been dirt poor, and surprisingly we have enjoyed every minute (Everyone who knows us know that being happy being poor is something no one ever saw coming). It's funny how you can be so happy with basically only the bare essentials. Our finances are looking up so that is a nice way to end our first year. With all the moving, I'm proud to say that we finally bumped up our living conditions from the hobbit hole to above ground comfort. Oh the pleasure of walking upstairs to your front door instead of down! Such an exciting year. To celebrate we went to breakfast, my choice... IHOP. Don't even think about mocking me until you've tried the cream cheese stuffed french toast, DIVINE. I can't say Stan looked too excited, but what he's learned most in our first year is not to argue with me... I always win! :) Stan is off at work and my plan is to make a delicious dinner he never saw coming. I'm taking baby steps in my culinary abilities but steps none the less! Maybe in our second year I'll magically become an excellent cook... I can dream can't I.

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